PancakeApp (4.13.16) Invoicing is a great application. However the documentations for it, are a bit limited. That’s why we are here! – On second thought, actually not – but we can stil help you from time to time!

Here we see, that the first User Rogan is missing an image/avatar. The first logic conclusion would be, to go to the settings, and add picture. However it’s not that easy.
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Pancakeapp Backend Users
If we inspect the page, we see the following code in a HTML img tag.

<img class=“members-pic“ src=“——09ef876f57d9ce8cf?s=40&d=mm&r=g“>

Maybee you already know what’s happening. Incase you don’t we are going to explain it to you. We Website offers automatic profile pictures, for linked websites trough recognition of their email. So at the moment, we cannot add a custom picture to PancakeApp itsself. What we can do however, is make a gravatar account and set up a picture. So go to and log in with your WordPress account, or set up an account.
Once you have set it up, and verified your email account, go to „my gravatars“.
You can then pick or add an additional email, then also add an image for those. It’s possible to set up different images, for different emails. Click upload and then save, and you are done.
One missing thing is, that you can only add avatars for emails in Pancakeapp that you control. So for example if I add a random email address, I will not be able to customize the avatar, nor will I be able to add an avatar for any of my clients, without hijacking their email account. I am quite sure that Pancakeapp will add the option to change this in the future.
Pancakeapp user settings
After that you’ll end up with a user that has the chosen avatar. It really helps differentiate who is working on which projects, and for the general understanding of what is going on in the Pancakeapps background. We are honestly quite surprised that the Pancake-Team did not show any info on the topic of changing your avatar. By the time this little guide is out, they may have already updated their documentations.
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