Is Lionn-SEO legit, or a scam?

Lately we saw an ad on, which seemed to be too good to be true. Artificial AI SEO, for 99$ a Month? We wanted to test if Lionn can deliver what they promise, you might not expect what follows…

Topic Overview

  • They are located in the United Kingdom
  • Delivery On Time, not so much
  • The credit card bill
  • Response time
  • But did they do some work?
  • Did we get our refund?
  • „Should I try it?“

We tried it, let us tell you about it

They claim to have done SEO for Logitech

Firms like Logitech, most certainly do their SEO work internally, or by a big trusted/known firm, in contrary to what Lionn SEO seems to be. I was unable to find a single hint for the validity that Lionn ever worked with Logitech, Domino or any of the others. Please correct us, if we were wrong.

lionn seo partners

They are located in the United Kingdom

Are they really? It is not possible to be sure of that, without visiting them. See for your self, it is all hidden behind Namecheaps whois guard.

Does Lionn SEO Deliver On Time

Well, if 14 days too late is on time, sure! They do a good job! No – let’s be honest. It is a terrible support, which constantly trys to keep you on the hook. What we mean is, that they promise you this and that, but never deliver. Lionn has an excuse for everything.
They told us that they could deliver us german articles. We got one, and it was – as you can expect, beautifully translated by Google translate professional. Yep. They didn’t even try hiding it. At the end of the word file, there was this text saying „Translated by Google Translate professional“. So we requested the original, in english. Next surprise, this article got copied multiple times from others, a few years back. So guess what, it muest be fine then! Clearly we could not publish that. So we asked them if it is an issue to have copied content. They replied that it should not be an issue. Ouch. A jump back – after being clearly mad at them for the copied content, they told us „Harry our CEO wants to personally oversee your account from now on to make sure that all articles are created in-house, is that ok for you?“, keeping us on the hook again. As if a CEO would have the time to oversee our account. But for the sake of this review, we went with all of their crap. Have a look at a few of our emails below.




The credit card bill

Our charge was 99$ a month. Since we were not happy with our service, we should get our money back. Bad luck, they just ignore you, when asking for a refund. We wrote a bunch of requests, to get a refund, but didn’t get any. Atleast they stopped charging us monthly. It’s something. So we ended up paying 198$ (2 Months) total, for a service of literally nothing useful. After all, it stil was worth it. We started posting our reviews and blogposts ourselves, actually due to not trusting others to do it for us anymore. In the end, there is always something positive to be gained, and we are glad about that!
Billing by Lionn

Response time, and presentation

The actual email response time, was suspiciously low sometimes. We are thinking that there might be one person doing everything (or nothing, if you want to phrase it that way), simply answering emails, and trying to make promises they can not keep. Most people will not have the time to try to get back the money they spent. Or even worse, they may not notice the scam which is going on. But let us be honest, the deal is too good to be solid.
Let us have a quick look at how the website presents itself. Clean, great illustrations and catchy phrases. All the details are very well designed and it just looks so solid. Is this a professional con-artist? May very well be! While we at this point can not guarantee that you will have a marvelously bad time under the flaps of Lionn SEO, we assume that it very likely will be the case. We warned you.

But did they do some work?

Never used WP account, delivered copy pasted content from other website, and used google translate business to translate to german. Can we call that work? Yeah, we could, but it isn’t going to happen here. The only work they really did, was keeping us hanging till the last drop of blood ran out.
Lionn seo work

Did we get our refund?

We did to this point not get our refund. So it is a clear „No“ on this one.
Lionn SEO refund

When it’s too good to be true…
…then it very well might be.

Should I try Lionn SEO?

If by now you stil are not sure if you should go for it, better let it be. It might save you a bunch of trouble, and being scared of future credit card billings by Lionn. We did not enjoy the contact with Lionn, altough it was fairly fast sometimes, we never really got what we asked for. In general they seem to deceive and dodge everything that could get them uncovered as scammers. If you found this helpful, maybee our review on could be of intrest for you, check it out here!

If you had a better experience with Lionn, tell us about it, and we would be glad to add your opinion to the review.