MXRoute Email Hosting Review – Is MXRoute A Good Email Hosting Provider?

We are a customer of mxroute for around a year now. Since we know how much is involved in good email hosting, we therefore keep our hands where we feel the time is better spent, hence in webdesign. Based on that, we decided to choose an email provider with a fitting offer for our business.

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After a bit of research, and a bunch of communication back and forth with the mxroute staff, we decided to go for it; so we subscribed to a plan, and hopped on.

Unlimited Mail Accounts

First of all it is well worth saying, that mxroute offers a great value to its customers. You get an unlimited amount of mail accounts with any of their subscriptions! They start at 25$ a year, and go way up. It really depends on your needs. So if you are looking for an email hoster wheather for private or business usage, they should be more than enough!
mxroute hosting plans

A cPanel for easy usage

If you have been looking around for a good email host, chances are that you have stumbled over the term cPanel. The cPanel basically is an interface with which you can manage most of your settings. You can add email addresses, change their login information, login to the webmail and last but not at all least, add other users to the account. (not client accounts!) Below you’ll see how our cPanel looks.
cpanel hosting

No Client Login – But Webmail Login

To our disappointment we found no way for our clients to login. However there is an option for which mxroute users can login with email/password directly into their webmail. All we really need, if to comes down to it! Let us be honest, we rather keep our clients separate from any backend, if possible. Less backend, less screw-up.
webmail hosting

SMTP – Outgoing Email A Tad Slow…

While we can not guarantee that it was mxroutes fault, we had instances of ourselves and our clients, where emails took around a minute to send. This has partially resolved its self, for this reason we are uncertain whose fault this might have been. Connecting the mail-accounts with our gmail is how we had the best experience. This is how we prefer to setup our emails usually, since you go trough a single setup for all of your devices, then only need to connect your gmail to any of them, and you are done.
email settings

Fast Backend

The backend in cPanel and mxroute itself felt great. It is fast, it looked professional, and most importantly only shows us necessary information.


Customer Support

The mxroute-team had a great and fast responding support until recently. Since a few months, very many people/businesses have switched to mxroute, adding to a great increase in support-tickets. Due to that, our tickets currently are one week in, and still waiting for a reply when sent as normal priority. We think that this is temporary, and mxroute will get more staff and be able to respond to more tickets much faster. However the support quality, next to the waiting time is still of good quality. Our medium priority support request on the other hand, got replied to within less than 24 hours! To be honest, that is stil to be beaten by a lot of companies out there!

mxroute hosting support tickets
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We would love to hear of your feedback if you have any. Feel free to have a look at our other article where we mentioned a few fonts, which will make your website look great.