We Picked 3 Fonts, Which We Think Highly Of

Playfair Display

Not so coincidentally our own beloved business font, which you see Calmar Solutions written in. It is a classy font which hints to the ancient romans, which carved serif letters into stone. The romans drew the outlines onto stone, and after that got to the task of carving them out. This is if our modern interpretation of roman history is correct.

Google Fonts Playfair Display


Montserrat is a very modern font, which has a nice roundness as its main feature. It reaches from „Thin“ to „Black“, and has 9 different types and each of them in an italic version! It can be used very versatile. It is currently our favorite free font if you want to go bold and modern.

Google Fonts Montserrat


While being very similar to Montserrat, this font has far less versatility in terms of predefines stlyes (8 styles). Use this one too for modern projects, where the font needs to be well readable but not too dominant.

Google Fonts Ubuntu

These were our quick three cents on 3 recommendations for Google Fonts. Want to add something? Contact us! If you found our quickpost about fonts interesting, consider having a look at our other topics on webdesign and webdevelopment!