The Main Question Webdevelopers And Webdesigners Need To Honestly Ask Themselves

„Webdevelopers Hardly Know The Solution, It’s Always A Different One Which They Solve In Steps.“


Once again you meet a client with vivid and maybee even hyperactive imagination. While on the one hand, this is nice, it can be a nightmare on the other. We are talking about the client that wants this specific, very complicated „thing“ done on his site.

To make your life easy, you may simply want to avoid these clients. Sometimes this is not possible, due to either depending on the money, or already being in a contract.

How do you continue? There seems to be no other way, than finishing the job. Try your best. We’d like to point out, that the main thing you should have in mind is:


„Is The Request Possible?“

There are a bunch of factors that come into play here, the technical ones, if it is possible within a reasonable ammount of time and if the server can handle whatever is needed… Obviously you could continue this list to infinity.
Also make sure that your client will not request changes infinitely, there are clients that think they have more knowledge in design than you, and want everything perfect. Never ever is anything perfect (have a look at this minimalistic example from Herzog De Meuron – almost „perfect“). In our opinion that is a fact, with which one has to live. Sure, we can make a website nearly spotless – but as soon as there are any changes whatsoever, the perfect castle starts to crumble.

While we did not exactly give you a solution to those problems stated, we believe that it should be inspiring you to go into the right direction with your clients. If you have any questions, or want us to add something to this article, please feel free to contact us!